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Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating is now an essential lifestyle choice for any professionally designed room. For your project you will want to purchase the highest quality products, with a lifetime guarantee at a fair price.

The Ezewarm underfloor heating systems is easy to install and reliable and is of the highest quality,  designed and manufactured to recognised quality and safety standards.

For conservatories, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas, we recommend the ezemat 200w system.

A complete system requires:

  • An insulated sub-floor
  • Sufficient heating mat for room you are heating
  • A thermostat controller

Ceramic Tile Merchants keep all these items in stock

Underfloor Heating

Insulated Sub-floor

The perfect (green) sub-floor for your underfloor heating system

Insulation boards provide a perfect subfloor for tiling and are highly recommended for underfloor heating, especially when installing on old concrete sub-floors.

Insulation boards are available in 1200mm x 600mm & 6mm and 10mm thickness.

  • The boards have an insulating polystyrene core, which is protected by a strong outer cement type coating
  • In tests with our under floor heating products, the floor warming time on an un-insulated floor was cut from over one hour to less than 30 minutes when insulated
  • Simply fix the boards to the concrete floor with tile adhesive or washers & screws
ezemat 200w

ezemat 200w

We recommend that you use the 200w mat in older buildings, conservatories and where more heat is generally required.

Our new 200w mat has many benefits over competitors.

  • Easy to install – has three adhesive strips to hold the mat in place
  • Tefzel insulation technology – Can withstand temperatures up to 200C
  • Very thin - Only 2.1mm thick
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • One 3m long connection cable
  • Strong – professional fibre glass strengthened mat

To use underfloor heating as the only heating in a room without the need for additional radiators there are a few important factors that need to be taken into account.

  • Is there insulation under the floor?
  • How much space is available for heating in relation to the size of the room?

We recommend that you contact us for free advice to make sure the heating will provide the required output for your area.


  • Tested in accordance with National and International Standards for safety (UL, LGA etc.)
  • Fulfills the INCIRP guidelines and regulations in regards to the EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)
  • Complies with wiring rules regarding EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Should be installed in accordance with National and Local Electrical Codes
  • Always read the installation Instructions


Thermostat / Controller

Thermostat / Controller

The thermostat is essential as it controls when your heating will come on, go off and the exact temperature you wish the floor and air to be. Each thermostat comes with a floor probe that is installed in the adhesive layer, midway between 2 heating cables. Each thermostat comes with operating instructions.

The touchscreen thermostat is available in either black or white and has:

  • Intelligent touch screen control
  • Manual heating on/off function
  • 6 settings each day
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Floor sensor included
  • Instructions & Technical specification


Power supply

You need to make sure that the ezewarm 200w system is connected to the electricity supply with a residual current device (RCD). Ezewarm recommend that you use a qualified electrician.

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