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Benefits of Porcelain Tiles

Benefits of Porcelain Tiles

The popularity of porcelain tiles is as strong now as it ever has been. But why choose porcelain tiles for your home? Our experts explore the benefits to be gleaned from the use of porcelain tiles.

Low Water Absorption

Their low water absorption makes porcelain tiles the perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens, wetrooms and even swimming pools!

Greater Stain Resistance 

Along with being more water resistant than ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles also benefit from greater stain resistance thanks to their denser, less porous properties.

Hard Wearing

Because porcelain tiles are much harder than ceramic tiles, they are an ideal choice for use on floors, being able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with them. 

Variety of Designs

But it's not just all about substance with porcelain tiles; they certainly don't scrimp on style either, and porcelain tiles come in a variety of styles and designs. Porcelain tiles can mimic natural stone such as limestone and granite, or other natural materials such as wood.

Polished porcelain tiles not only look fantastic, but they further decrease the tile's water and stain absorption, along with adding the wow factor to any room!

For more information on this type of tile, visit our porcelain tile page.

Expert Advice

By now you should be sold on the benefits of using porcelain tiles in your home, but should you need any further advice, the expert team at Ceramic Tile Merchants are on hand to help. Visit our tile showroom where you can browse our huge collection of brands, and discuss your project with our team.

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