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Using Mosaic Tiles In Your Home

Using Mosaic Tiles In Your Home

Mosaic tiles date back as far as the Ancient Greek and Roman times, and these beautiful and unique tiles are still as popular today more than 2000 years later.

Here at Ceramic Tile Merchants we stock a wide range of colourful and artistic mosaic tiles, allowing you to create a unique and stylish finish in your home.

How Are Mosaic Tiles Fitted?

Mosaic tiles are usually small square or rectangular shaped tiles which are fitted with a backing mesh, making a panel that measures approximately 30cm square.

You treat each panel of mosaic tiles as a single tile, fitting multiple pieces with no spaces required. Fitting them in this way creates a seamless join between the sheets, giving the illusion you have actually fitted hundreds of separate tiles.

Mosaic tiles often have a shiny, hard durable finish like glass, but matte versions are also available.

They are perfect for large walls or curved surfaces - which is why you often see mosaic tiles in spas and swimming pools.

Whilst mosaic tiles are generally used for walls, they can also be used for floors, like in bathrooms and swimming pools. 

Whilst laying the mesh sheets of mosaic tiles may be a quicker job than traditional tiling, the grouting does take quite a bit longer, and you should never round off or recess the grouting. The finished grouting should be flush with the surface of the tiles.

Huge Selection of Mosaic Tiles On Display

With a huge selection of colours and textures available in mosaic tiles, including flat colours, glass and marble, the possibilities for creating a unique and stylish space are endless. 

For mosaic tiles in Beverley, visit our showroom on Grovehill Road, where our team would be happy to show you around.

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